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SAP Consultants Recruitment

The genesis of IT.HR is intimately linked with the SAP ecosystem. This connection, which traces back to our early days,

is a testament to our deep-rooted understanding of this enterprise software and has been a cornerstone of our sustained growth and influence in the industry.

Before the inception of IT.HR, many of us were part of the SAP landscape. As former SAP salespeople, our experience is not confined

to merely selling the system; we have a holistic understanding of SAP, its functionalities, targeted users, the implementation process, and the types of companies that leverage it. This in-depth knowledge has been pivotal in shaping IT.HR's strategic outlook, enabling us to provide bespoke recruitment solutions for SAP consultants worldwide.

Let us clarify – we are not an agency that aspires to recruit for SAP. Instead, we are a specialized entity that has garnered recognition as a valued partner for companies globally in the sphere of SAP consultant recruitment. Our core competency lies

in recognizing talent and matching it to the unique demands of each SAP project, leveraging our extensive industry knowledge and global network of consultants and partners.

Moreover, our proficiency in SAP is not just in words. We understand the intricacies of SAP, its modules, implementations, and the overall system layout. Our expertise spans various SAP modules such as Finance (FI), Controlling (CO), Sales and Distribution (SD), Material Management (MM), and Human Capital Management (HCM), to name just a few. We grasp the nuances of their deployment in different industrial sectors, the challenges that arise during such implementations, and the ways to overcome them. This insight enables us to identify the exact skills and expertise required in an SAP consultant for a specific project.

In a world of generalists, we pride ourselves on being specialists. Our focus isn't spread thin over numerous software solutions – we know SAP and it well. This specialized SAP knowledge sets us apart in the bustling crowd of recruitment agencies. It allows us to provide

exceptional service to our clients and candidates, delivering meaningful matches that drive success and growth for all parties involved.


IT.HR is not just another recruitment agency, IT.HR is your dedicated SAP recruitment partner! 

Who are our Customers who use the SAP Recruitment service?

The services offered by IT.HR are tailored for various stakeholders who navigate the intricate SAP landscape. Our comprehensive understanding of this landscape enables us to meet the specific needs of each type of client.

End-user SAP clients form a significant part of our client base. These are typically large corporations that use SAP for their day-to-day operations. Implementing SAP is not a one-off task for these companies. It involves continuous fine-tuning, updates, and modifications to ensure the system aligns with the evolving business environment. Consequently, these companies need a consistent supply of competent SAP consultants to manage these ongoing demands. IT.HR assists these organizations by providing access to a pool of skilled SAP consultants equipped to handle complex, ongoing projects, thus ensuring the smooth operation of the SAP infrastructure.

SAP Partners companies are another key group that can benefit from our services. These organizations are engaged in creating SAP-based solutions for a myriad of clients. They often need to build internal implementation teams to handle multiple projects simultaneously. IT.HR plays an instrumental role in this process by identifying and recruiting talented individuals who can contribute effectively to these teams. Our global network of SAP consultants enables us to locate the right people for these crucial roles, supporting the partner companies in their mission to provide top-tier SAP solutions.

Consulting firms are also among our valued clients. These firms often require SAP specialists for their projects, particularly those involving system overhauls or migrations. With our deep understanding of SAP and its modules, we can connect these firms with consultants with the proper skill set and experience to match their project requirements.

Recruitment agencies and outsourcing service providers looking for SAP talent also rely on our services. Given our expertise and experience in the SAP recruitment domain, we can provide them with unparalleled support in identifying and recruiting SAP specialists. We aid them in narrowing down the suitable candidates that fit the requirements of their clients and projects, saving them time and increasing their efficiency.

SAP FI | SAP CO | SAP MM | SAP SD SAP HR | SAP PP |  SAP PS | SAP CRM  SAP BW | SAP PM | SAP QM | SAP WM SAP EWM | SAP SRM | SAP PLM | SAP APO SAP HCM | SAP SCM | SAP CRM | SAP SRM SAP GRC | SAP MDM | SAP EHS | SAP BO SAP BI | SAP Lumira |SAP Analytics Cloud SAP ABAP | SAP Fiori | SAP Netweaver SAP SuccessFactors |SAP Crystal Reports SAP R3 | SAP ECC | SAP S/4HANA | SAP Business One | and many others...

Your Benefits come from working with IT.HR in SAP Recruitment

SAP Recruitment.jpeg

Access to a Vast Network of SAP Specialists


Thanks to years of working in the SAP industry, IT.HR has access to a broad and diverse network of SAP professionals. Our database includes candidates with various skills and experience, enabling us to match companies with the ideal candidates effectively.


Deep Knowledge of the SAP Market


Our long-standing presence in the market has allowed us to accumulate in-depth knowledge about SAP - from the latest trends and innovations to salary standards and skill requirements. This wealth of expertise enables us to provide accurate and current advice to our clients.

Success Fee Model and Guarantee


In the case of permanent recruitment, IT.HR operates on a success fee model. This means that our clients only pay when the recruitment process is successful. We also guarantee our services, further minimizing risk for our clients.


Flexibility in Settlements


We understand that different types of organizations may require other settlement models. We are open to individual settlement forms, adapting our services to the specific needs of our clients. This flexible approach allows us to accommodate the diverse business requirements of our clients.

Time and Cost Efficiency


We know that the recruitment process can be time-consuming and expensive. Therefore, at IT.HR strives to optimize this process for our clients, saving them valuable time and resources that can be better invested in their core business activities.


Customized Recruitment Strategies


Every company is different in IT.HR, we create recruitment strategies tailored to each company's unique needs and goals. By this, we match the right candidate to the right job, increasing the chances of successful employment and long-term employee retention.


In-depth Verification of Candidates


With detailed experience and specialist knowledge in SAP, IT.HR is capable of conducting thorough verification of potential candidates. This rigorous verification ensures our clients receive only the most competent and suitable candidates for the vacant positions.


Reduced Risk of Mis-hires


We take pride in our ability to identify potential pitfalls and ensure that only vetted, high-quality candidates are presented for consideration. This way, partnering with IT.HR significantly helps companies reduce the risk of bad hiring decisions.

Support at Every Stage of the Process

Our mission at IT.HR is to provide top-quality candidates and unparalleled support at every stage of the recruitment process. This includes assistance with contract negotiations, onboarding processes, and any challenges that may arise during employment.

Long-term Partnership


We believe that the best results are achieved through long-term partnerships. This enables us to deeply understand our clients' business and culture, which allows us to provide the highest quality recruitment services.

Promoting Employer Branding:


We understand the importance of having a strong employer brand. As part of our services, we help companies enhance their attractiveness as an employer among SAP specialists. Our long history of success in the industry has allowed us to understand what attracts and retains the most sought-after candidates, and we use this knowledge to promote our clients as employers of choice.


20 years in SAP

Deep Knowledge of the SAP Technology
and SAP Ecosystem

Access to Global Network of SAP Consultants

Do you need more information or have specific recruiting needs? Don't hesitate to contact us.

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